Babel No23 (May 2018)
Around the World in a Loanword – Andreea S Calude on why we borrow words from other languages
The Mystery of the Missing Prepositions – Laura R Bailey investigates different uses of ‘because’
Can a Game of ‘Vocal’ Charades Act Out the Origins of Language? – Marcus Perlman on an experimental approach to exploring how our ancestors created the first words
Babel-on 5 – Hannah Little looks at the language of aliens

Regular features
Ask a Linguist – Why do we call it the ‘Oxford comma’?
Diary of a Linguist – Katie Wales’ latest linguistic observations about the worls around us
Language Games – Lonely logo letters
Language in the News – If Churchill ‘mobilised the English language’ then Trump is retiring it
Languages of the World – Chris Bissell profiles Breton
The Lingusitic Lexicon – Babel brings you the letter V
Lives in Language – Patrick C Trettenbrein on Eric Heinz Lenneberg; Katie Wales on Randolph Quirk
Meet the Professionals – Babel meets a freelance subtitler
Reviews – Mario Saraceni’s ‘World Englishes’; Gabrielle Hogan-Brun’s ‘Linguanomics’; Charles Yang’s ‘The Price of Linguistic Productivity’; George Yule’s ‘The Study of Language’