Babel No1 (2012)

Anything You Say May Be Given in Evidence – Peter French and Louisa Stevens describe the work of forensic speech scientists
Circles of English – Marcus Bridle looks at how English norms are shifting as the language continues to spread
How to Speak Venusian – Peter Stockwell explores the problems and pitfalls of intergalactic communication
Politeness in Chinese – Daniel Z. Kadar challenges the view that Chinese politeness strategies are different to those in the West

Regular features
Language Games – How quickly can you pick up the Austronesian language Abma?
Language in the News – The passing of the Queen’s English Society; English in the primary curriculum
The Linguistic Lexicon – Babel brings you the letter A
Lives in Language – Siobhan Chapman profiles philosopher of language H. Paul Grice
Reviews – Philip Gooden’s ‘The Story of English’; Susie Dent’s ‘How to Talk Like a Local’