Babel No10 (February 2015)
Being Creative with Negation
 – Lisa Nahajec on creativity with negation in English
New Chinglish
 – Li Wei describes a variety of English being reclaimed in China
New Technologies and Language Learning
 – Billy Brick surveys new technologies changing autonomous language learning
Place Names and Language – Carole Hough introduces the study of place names
Should We Make the Glottal Stop?
 – Dominic Watt on attitudes towards a reviled and revered speech sound 

Regular features
Ask a Linguist – When should we use ‘gotten’, and how does it differ from ‘got’?
Language Games – Can you spot English loanwords in Hawaiian?
Language in the News – Language and the brain; Plebgate
Languages of the World – John Steckley discusses Wendat
The Linguistic Lexicon – Babel brings you the letter J
Lives in Language – Jean Boase-Beier profiles Russian scholar Roman Jakobson
Meet the Professionals – Babel meets business language consultant Neil Taylor
Pull-out poster – A visual introduction to corpus linguistics
Reviews – Gaston Dorren’s ‘Lingo’; Dan Jurafsky’s ‘The Language of Food’