Babel No11 (May 2015)
Bilingualism and Emotions
 – Ania Marchwiak provides a bilingual’s perspective on how we express emotions in Polish and English
Hebny and Abu – David Lewiston Sharpe on similarities between English and Egyptian
Metaphors and Cancer – Elena Semino discusses her experiences in researching metaphors for cancer
Romanesco – Martin Bennett provides a rough guide to Rome’s most heard words
When Size Matters – Naomi S. Baron explores why text length matters on-screen

Regular features
Ask a Linguist – Does the UK have the highest number of regional dialects?
Language Games – Is your English vocabulary up to snuff?
Language in the News – Masculine language in Italian politics; Sign language goes viral
Languages of the World – Mahmood Kadir Ibrahim discusses Kurdish
The Linguistic Lexicon – Babel beings you the letter K
Lives in Language – Ofelia Garcia and Bernard Spolsky profile Joshua A. Fishman
Meet the Professionals – Babel meets primary immersion-English teacher Jeremy Dean
Pull-out poster – A visual introduction to the phonetics of sign language
Reviews – The 2015 Babel lecture