Babel No13 (November 2015)
The Combinatorial Structure of English
Hannah Little on the theremin and English
The Language Debate – Monique Flecken and Geoffrey Pullum debate whether language shapes how we think 
Lebanon’s Language Dilemma – Jonathan Lahdo analyses a sociolinguistic evolution in Lebanon
Linguistic Creativity in Young Multilinguals – Robert Sharples on inventive language users
Twerking Sheep – Ollie Sayeed uses spoonerisms to show how language is represented in the mind

Regular features
Ask a Linguist – Why do ‘fate’ and ‘fatal’ have different connotations?
Language Games – How quickly can you master Carnie?
Language in the News – Peeping chimps and human language; New additions to the OED
Languages of the World – Pauliene van Eldik discusses Dutch
The Linguistic Lexicon – Babel brings you the letter M
Lives in Language – Gemma Kelly profiles phonetician Daniel Jones
Meet the Professionals – Babel meets linguistic anthropologist Barbara Clark
Pull-out poster – A stylistic analysis of a poem
Reviews – Jeremy Butterfield’s ‘Fowler’s Dictionary of Modern English Usage’; Veronique Michel’s ‘China Online’