Babel No15 (May 2016)
The Future of English – Simon Horobin on how English might look in the future
Who Did What to Whom? – Vikki Janke on new research into the language skills of children with autism spectrum disorder
Metaphor Interpretation – Andreas Musollf on how metaphors translate across cultures
We Speak Turkish – Anne Schluter on the impact of dining room language policies in Istanbul
Second Language Accent Acquisition – Ksenia Gnevsheva and Kevin Watson look at whether second language speakers can ‘pass’ as natives

Regular features
Ask a Linguist – Has new technology brought about new punctuation?
Language Games – Test your Hungarian
Language in the News – Bird language; ‘Bag lady’
Languages of the World – Hanan Ben Nafa on Arabic
The Linguistic Lexicon – Babel brings you the letter O
Lives in Language – Lynda Mugglestone profiles Samuel Johnson
Meet the Professionals – Babel meets language web-comic writer Malachi Rempen
Pull-out poster – A visual guide to voice quality
Reviews – David Crystal’s ‘The Gift of the Gab’; Robert Macfarlane’s ‘Landmarks’