Babel No16 (August 2016)
Rediscovering Saussure – William J. Carrasco on revisiting Saussure’s work
The Inside Story of Variationist Sociolinguistics – Sali A. Tagliamonte tells the story of VSLX
The Other Saussure – Javier Alcalde on Saussure’s relationship with his brother, Rene
Great Minds Think Slightly Differently – Hillary Waterman on the similarities and differences between the ideas of de Saussure and the logician Charles Sanders Pierce
What’s in a Word? – Malcolm Hebron on the difference between ‘migrant’ and ‘refugee’

Regular features
Ask a Linguist – How can we measure linguistic relatedness?
Language Games – Catenary Contronyms
Language in the News – English dialects
Languages of the World – Mao Ye on Chinese
The Linguistic Lexicon – Babel brings you the letter P
Lives in Language – Sjoerd van Hoorn looks at the life of Leo Spitzer
Meet the Professionals – Babel meets linguistic tour-guide Deborah Chatterjee
Pull-out poster – De Saussure’s influence on how computers understand meaning
Reviews – The 2016 Babel Lecture; Simon Horobin’s ‘How English Became English’; Vyvyan Evans’s ‘The Crucible of Language’