Babel No17 (November 2016)
Romansch – Emma Jewell discusses the history and culture of Romansch
The Frog Stories – Jane Lugea on the ‘frog story’ methodology
Life in Death – James Akka looks at three stories of language birth
Why Do We Love Comic Characters? – Agnes Marszalek explores the language of narrative comedy
Metaphors the Market Lives By? – Maria Muelas Gil explores the language of English and Spanish news reports

Regular features
Ask a Linguist – Where do gender distinctions come from?
Language Games – Caucasian cartography
Language in the News – Offensive language in politics
Languages of the World – Christopher Loether on Shoshoni
The Linguistic Lexicon – Babel brings you the letter Q
Lives in Language – Jon Orman profiles Roy Harris
Meet the Professionals – Babel meets language officer Paul Kaye
Pull-out poster – How live television subtitling works
Reviews – Susan Rennie’s ‘The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary’; Fiona English and Tim Marr’s ‘Why Do Linguistics?’