Babel No19 (May 2017)
The Poetics of Hamilton – Jennifer Harding on figurative language in the hit Broadway show
Keep Calm and Use an Adverb – Paul Baker asks whether we still really love the gradable adverb
I Want to Speak American – Jette Hansen Edwards investigates American English in Hong Kong
What the F***? – Erica Gold and Dan McIntyre explore the relationship between sound and meaning in a famous scene from The Wire
Nadsat – Benet Vincent identifies the distinctive features of A Clockwork Orange’s teen argot
Guise and Gullibility – Dominic Watt considers the light and dark sides of vocal impersonation

Regular features
Ask a Linguist – Why is there a split between ‘a’ and ‘an’ in English determiners?
Interview with a Linguist – Laura Wright interviews Louise Sylvester
Language Games – Vulgar Victorian vocabulary
Language in the News – The Oxford comma
Languages of the World – Nathaniel Lotze on Mahri
The Linguistic Lexicon – Babel brings you the letter S
Lives in Language – Jim Clarke on Anthony Burgess
Meet the Professionals – Babel meets biolinguistics researcher Cedric Boeckx
Reviews – Kim Ballard’s ‘The Stories of Linguistics’; Adam Hurrey’s ‘Football Cliches’