Babel No21 (November 2017)
Being Bilingual in America – Abhishek Dedhe looks at the tough language choices facing immigrant parents in the US
Wars on Language – Dong Hyun Kang on forgotten tales of language change
Babelfish Isn’t Coming Anytime Soon – Jonathan Downie on translation earbuds
Automatic Paraphrasing – Vered Shwartz on how computers can be taught to overcome language variability
Spelling Reform – Ahmad Alharthi looks at attempts to change the way we spell

Regular features
Ask a Linguist – Is English the only European language to have tag questions?
Interview with a Linguist – Laura Wright interviews Christiane Dalton Puffer
Language Games – Quastenflosser’s revenge
Language in the News – Google launches ‘personal translator by your side’
Languages of the World – Duygu Candarli profiles Turkish
The Lingusitic Lexicon – Babel brings you the letter U
Lives in Language – Frederick Hale on Ivar Andreas Aasen
Meet the Professionals – Babel meets the linguistic consultant for the film Arrival
Reviews – Flummoxed; Orin Hargraves’ ‘It’s Been Said Before’; Peter Gilliver’s ‘The Making of the Oxford English Dictionary; Matthew Reynolds’ ‘Translation: A Very Short Introduction’