Babel No24 (August 2018)

Everything You Wanted to Know about Film Translation Formats – Beata Podwysocka on subtitles, dubbing and voice-over
Afrikaans in Patagonia – Nicholas Henriksen explores the linguistic traits of a bilingual South African community
The Talking Dead – Hannah Little on what zombies can teach us about language
Analysing the Languages of the Stars – Dick Hudson and Neil Sheldon discuss a modern answer to the Babel myth
Language aptitude – Thomas Wagner discusses myths and realities around the concept of language aptitude

Regular features
Ask a Linguist – Why might a 2-year-old say ‘waterlemon’ for ‘watermelon’?
Diary of a Linguist – Katie Wales’ latest linguistic obesrvations
Language Games – How are you on Hungarian suffixes?
Language in the News – The linguistic heritage of the Windrush generation
Languages of the World – Joshua Zwisler on Pijao
The Linguistic Lexicon – Babel brings you the letters X, Y and Z
Lives in Language – Frederick Hale profiles Noah Webster
Meet the Professionals – Babel meets Scots Radio founder Frieda Morrison
Pull-out poster – A guide to the theory of Cognitive Grammar
Reviews – The 2018 Babel Lecture; Matthew Engel’s ‘That’s the Way It Crumbles’