Babel No27 (May 2019)

Interview with David Crystal – Vanja Karanovic interviews Babel’s Linguistic Consultant on the latest edition of his encyclopedia and his career
The language of pick-up artists – Sofia Rüdiger and Daria Dayter investigate the discursive style of self-proclaimed speed seduction experts
Researching youth language – Rob Drummond explains why sociolinguistic research into youth language is interesting and valuable
Talking about Brexit – Veronika Koller takes a look at how politicians, citizens and the media use language to talk about Britain’s exit from the European Union

Regular features
Ask a linguist – Why did English come up with ‘pineapple’?
Diary of a linguist – Katie Wales’ latest observations on the language around her
Language games – Truncated television titles
Language in the news – Dictionary definitions and court cases
Languages of the world – Teresa Ong on Penang Hokkien
Linguistic horizons – Lauren Ackerman discusses her work on gender
Lives in language – Ed simon profiles John Wilkins
Pull-out poster – Improving access to Hansard
Reviews – Rob Drummond’s ‘Researching Youth Language and Identity’, Nicholas M Wolf’s ‘An Irish-Speaking Island’, Michele Zappavigna’s ‘Searchable Talk’ and Reuven Chaim Klein’s ‘Lashon Hakodesh’