Babel No28 (August 2019)

Politeness in Tudor England – Irene Flack on what we can learn from Thomas Cromwell’s letters
‘Feminism’ in the news – Matthew Evans investigates definitions of ‘feminism’ and how they might affect our views
Linguacuisine – Learning languages and cultures while cooking
Why should we protect our community languages? – Teresa Ong looks at attempts to maintain Chinese community languages

Regular features
Ask a linguist – What is the relationship between our language and our musical preferences?
Diary of a linguist – Katie Wales’ latest observations on the language around her
Language games – More etymological impostors
Language in the news – Lead us not into mistranslation
Languages of the world – Alma Keren on Yiddish
Linguistic horizons – William Kelleher discusses his work on linguistic ethnography
Lives in language – Frederick Hale profiles Sir William Jones
Meet the professionals – Jane Solomon, linguist in residence at
Reviews – The Babel Lecture 2019, Diego Marani’s ‘New Finnish Grammar’, Jane Solomon’s ‘The Dictionary of Difficult Words’, Daniel Everett’s ‘How Language Began’ and Simon Statham’s ‘Redefining Trial by Media’