Babel No29 (November 2019)

Ecolingusitics – Josh Coombs looks at how discourse analysis can help us save the planet
People versus machines? – Vanessa Hu looks at the advantages and disadvantages of a new age of translation
A brief history of cant – Ahmad Alharthi looks at early accounts of the language of the ‘underworld’
Fundamental forces of the mind – Giosue Baggio and Andrea E. Martin look inside the brain to find out what holds thoughts and sentences together
Afrikaans – Frederick Hale examines the hybrid language at the centre of racial politics in South Africa
Borers, Chockers and back rippers – Natalie Braber discusses her research into the language of the mines

Regular features
Ask a linguist – Where do linguists now stand on the Chomsky/Pinker nativist model of language acquisition?
Diary of a linguist – Katie Wales’ latest observations on the language around her
Language games – Corresponding consonants
Language in the news – Hip-hop’s role in preserving the ‘language of resistance’
Languages of the world – Claudia Bensi on Papiamento
Linguistic horizons – Charlotte Sant discusses his work on gradability
Lives in language – Jesse Sheidlower profiles Reinhold Aman
Reviews – Marcello Giovanelli and Chloe Harrison’s ‘Cognitive Grammar in Stylistics’, Emmy J. Favilla’s ‘A World without “Whom”‘, Dominic Wyse’s ‘How Writing Works’