Babel No30 (February 2020)

Interview with Jean Berko Gleason – Babel Editorial Assistant Matthew Butler speaks to Jean Berko Gleason ahead of her Babel Lecture in June 
You say potato – Ella Jeffries talks about her work exploring children’s awareness of accents
Early second language learning – Diana Pili-Moss looks at the strengths and weaknesses of old and young as language learners
Talking with your hands – Jack Wilson on the underappreciated role of gesture in communication

Regular features
Ask a linguist – What is the relationship between Germanic and English?
Diary of a linguist – Katie Wales’ latest observations on the language around her
Language games – Medical maledicta
Language in the moos – Press reports on animal language
Languages of the world – Lara Wenzel on Chichewa; Uday Raj Aaley and Tim Bodt on Kusunda
Linguistic horizons – Kimberley Pager McClymont on teaching literary techniques; Marina Cantarutti on Conversation Analysis
Lives in language – Cameron Morin profiles Frank Robert Palmer
Meet the professionals – Uday Raj Aaley on life as a language teacher
Reviews – Around the Well’s ‘Between’; Karen Sullivan’s ‘Mixed Metaphors’, ‘Arabic Corpus Linguistics’; Christopher J Moore’s ‘In Other Words’
The word hoard – Simon Horobin’s new column on etymology