Babel No31 (May 2020)


The multiple benefits of making predictions in linguistics – Timotheus A. Bodt and Johann-Mattis List provide evidence for the regularity of sound change
What’s in a proper name? – Lieven Vandelanotte on whether proper names really are just any old words
Little communicators – Elspeth Wilson on investigating children’s pragmatic developments
Learning to differentiate between apparent synonyms – Rabbi Reuven Chaim Klein on how Hebrew can help us to see the differences between similar words
A forensic stylistic challenge – David Crystal tests your anachronism-spotting skills

Regular features
Language in the news
 – How language changes along with the world around us
The word hoard
 – Simon Hoobin on how blending is used to make new words

Ask a linguist
 – Why does French have such a discrepancy between spelling and pronunciation?

Pull-out poster
 – How do we say more than what we mean?

Languages of the world
 – Moroccan Arabic and Icelandic

Linguistic horizons
 – Nahuatl and standard and non-standard language in France

Language games
 – Quando a Roma

Diary of a linguist
 – Katie Wales’ latest observations on language in the world around us

- Gaston Dorren’s Babel

Eric Friginal, Elizabeth Matthews and Jennifer Roberts’ English in Global Aviation

Tim Marr and Fiona English’s Rethinking TESOL

Jane Setter’s Your Voice Speaks Volumes