Babel No32 (August 2020)

Mining and the MOUTH vowel – Tom Devlin on deindustrialisation and sound change.
Linguists at the Movies – the team behind @LinguistsMovies on language at the cinema.
Minimal English – Boudjemaa Dendenne on how a lingua franca could reduce Anglophone privilege.
‘Class like that’ – Jay Gilbert discusses dialects in the age of the internet.

Regular features
Ask a linguist – How did the world ways affect English?
Diary of a linguist – Katie Wales’ observations on the language around us
Giving voice a voice – How do you say ‘lido’?
Language games – Recognising a treasury of tongues
Language in the news – Regional accents and the BBC
Languages of the world – Introductions to Norwegian and Chuj
Linguistic horizons – Early career researchers discuss their work on language activism and minority languages, and rare dialect syntax
Poster pull-out – An introduction to the WYRED regional English project
Reviews – Keith Brown and Jim Miller’s ‘The Cambridge  Dictionary of Linguistics’, David Shariatmadari’s ‘Don’t Believe a Word’, Cecelia Watson’s ‘Semicolon’
Screentest – Billy Clark assesses Bodied
Word hoard – The legacy of the Vikings