Babel No37 (November 2021)

Tracking the dance of the tongue using ultrasound imaging Sam Kirkham and Patrycja Strycharczuk explain the uses of ultrasound imaging for linguistics
‘Is it muggy or is it just me?’ Daniel Strogen discusses reality TV language
Speak good English Dana Blatte looks at Singlish and ideas of correctness
Pandemic metaphors Elena Semino looks at the positive and negative aspects of Covid metaphors
All the fun of the fair Sarah Grossenbacher explores the accents and dialects of the Showmen community

Regular features
Language in the news Language of the news
Kill the joke The linguistics of the shaggy dog story
Languages of the world Judeo-Malayalam
Diary of a linguist Katie Wales on the language around us
Poster Endangered alphabets
Letters from a linguist Afghan accents
The word hoard Silent letters
Language games An Abkhazian adventure
Giving voice a voice Top tips for lecturers and public speakers
Linguistic horizons How we use psychological terms
Reviews Gabrielle Hogan-Brun’s Why Study Languages?, Claire Cock-Starkey’s Hyphens and Hashtags and The Real McCoy, Wolfe Frank’s Nuremberg’s Voice of Doom