The art of Konglish
A guide to the fusion of English and Korean 
Borrowed words in everyday English
How the UK owes more than just money

Dialect hunting by caravan
An extract from Stanley Ellis’s classic fieldwork

First words
What makes humans different from animals?

Fish people
Jean Jackson’s research on language among the riverine Bara community

Ha! Gayyyy!
The history of the word ‘gay’

Regular features
Ask a linguist
Does the transmuting of the ‘oo’ sound indicate a Little Vowel Shift?
Language games
How is your knowledge of animal names?
Language in the news
Words in wartime
Dumbing down in A-Levels
Languages of the world
The Celtic language Manx
The linguistic lexicon
Babel brings you the letter H

Lives in language
Author J. R. R. Tolkien
Meet the professionals
Interpreter Anna Chesnokova
Pull-out poster
Pick up some Chinese with Chineasy
Michael Erard’s Babel No More
Mark Newbrook’s Strange Linguistics