Babel Issue Number 33

Babel No33 (November 2020)

Bringing the outside in – The Bringing the Outside In team discuss language-in-education policies in Botswana, Tanzania and Zambia.
Word association – Peter Thwaites on what word association can tell us about how language is organised in the mind.
Charley Dickens and university slang – Katie Wales looks at Charles’s son’s work in lexicography.
Kiezdeutsch – Aaron Zhu on a popular German multiethnolect.
AI’s opportunity to rethink the biases of language and society – Isabella Mandis on theproblems and pitfalls of AI voices.
Bilingualism and cognition – Josephine Holubkov discusses research into bilingualism and cognition.

Regular features
Ask a linguist – What are linguistic landscapes?
Diary of a linguist – Katie Wales’ observations on the language around us.
Giving voice a voice – The importance of being able to see what you say.
Kill the joke – Alice Haines on why an ‘emew’ is funny.
Language games – Pollywoggles of the diaphobickalorium.
Language in the news – Misspeaking in politics.
Languages of the world – An overview of varieties of Spanish.
Meet the professionals – Babel meets interpreter Artemis Sakorafa.
Reviews – Heather Marin and Wendy Ayres-Bennett’s ‘How Languages Changed My Life’.
Screentest – Dan McIntyre assesses The Professor and the Madman.
Word hoard – Simon Horobin on authorisms.