Babel No34 (February 2021)

The acquisition of kinship Michelle Pascoe on what it means to become a ‘mother’
Is Cockney dead? Amanda Cole investigates who can be called a Cockney, and what their accent sounds like
Surveillance as a marker of quality and trust Viola Wiegand explores the changing meaning of ‘surveillance’
Regular features
Language in the News Hazel Price on digital trends and lexical blends
Ask a Linguist What are vocal nodules and how do they impact speech?
Meet the Professionals Babel meets Alex Poole, language learner and educator
Diary of a Linguist Katie Wales’ observations on the language around us
Poster A guide to resources for studying language
Giving voice a voice Jane Setter on pitching it right…
Word Hoard Simon Horobin on compounds
Languages of the World An introduction to Garhwali
Kill the Joke Alice Haines on the phonology of humour
Screentest Matthew Butler on the linguistics of Arrival
Language games Questionable quotations
Reviews David Crystal’s Let’s Talk; Philip Seargeant’s The Art of Political Storytelling; Lynne Murphy’s The Prodigal Tongue
University of Huddersfield inspiring global professionals.