babel-issue no35

Babel No35 (May 2021)


The ENACT Web App The makers of a new app for language-learning on picking up a language through culture

The Art of Making a Good Impression Tony Lapidus on life as an impressionist
Small words, big expressions Mel Evans on the importance of interjections in Restoration theatre

Regular features

Language in the News Hazel Price on the language of place names
Ask a Linguist How did Latin die?
Linguistic Horizons Translanguaging; Digital discourse
Languages of the World Kus Dili; Syriac
Diary of a Linguist Katie Wales’ observations on the language around us
Word Hoard Simon Horobin on unpaired negatives
Giving Voice a Voice Jane Setter on accent reduction
Kill the Joke Alice Haines linguistically dissects a joke
Language Games Moritz’s Muddled Menu
Meet the Professionals CEO of AAA Translation
Reviews Patrick Skipworth’s ‘Literally’; Robin A Crawford’s ‘Cauld Blasts and Clishmaclavers’; Caroline Myrick and Walt Wolfram’s ‘The 5-Minute Linguist’