Babel No36 (August 2021)

The mistakes that we deny that we make them Eva Wittenberg and Adam Morgan on what makes people say words they don’t like saying
The egocentric trappings of a pronoun Sandrine Sorlin asks ‘Who is you?’
Subtitling visualised metaphors Jan Pedersen on the difficulties of translation in audiovisual translation
Whose go is it? Joshua Blackburn on his new linguistic board game
Accentism Rob Drummond on media discussions of accent prejudice

Regular features
Language in the news Celebrating 73 years of the NHS
The word hoard Janus words
Letters from a linguist How Bottlers became Butlers
Languages of the world Lubunca
Language games Latin lineage lingo
Giving voice a voice A right royal palaver
Ask a linguist Why do some contractions sound odd at the end of sentences?
Linguistic horizons Exploring the language of national identity
Kill the joke Why do we laugh at one-liners?
Meet the professionals Director of a language and culture institute
Diary of a linguist Observations on the language around us
Reviews On the Offensive; The Hidden History of Coined Words