Babel No39

Babel No39 (May 2022)

Twitter complaints Nicolas Ruytenbeek on research into emotional contagion.
The Welsh Not Tim Brookes looks at the history of language oppression in the classroom.
Choosing a language mentor Alex Poole on the importance of someone to support you as you learn a language.

Regular features
Language in the news
Language games Puzzling possessives
Lives in language Margaret Masterman
Pull-out poster A very short history of linguistics
Kill the joke ‘What do you call a…?’
Meet the professionals Languages podcast presenter
The wordhoard Old English
The complete and utter history of English Raucous Romans, barmy Britons, pesky Picts and shrewd Scots
Diary of a linguist Katie Wales on the language all around us
Clash of symbols Different ways of saying ‘b’
Linguistic horizons Language and empathy
Letters from a linguist Are all Russian-speakers Russians?
Giving voice a voice Connected speech
Languages of the world Cite Duits
Reviews Simon Horobin’s Bagels, Bumf & Buses; Lynda Mugglestone’s Writing a War of Words