Babel No40 (August 2022)

The rather unusual linguistic landscape of Norway Simone Bacchini explores the complex linguistic history of Norway
Breathing a sign of relief Graham H Tuner asks what a new Act of Parliament will do for British Sign Language
“Oat milk isn’t milk” Beth Malory reveals how language laws can be a weapon in the culture wars

Regular features
Language in the news Language and health outcomes
Diary of a linguist ‘Lethal aid’, the Star Inn at Vogue, ‘WTF’ and more
Giving voice a voice Rhoticity, linking, intruders… and pirates??
Kill the joke The funny things about observational comedy
The complete and utter history of English The Vikings are coming!
A clash of symbols Aww…
The word hoard English borrowings from Latin
Language games Famous film fonts
Languages of the world Plains Cree
Linguistic horizons Iconicity in language change
Letters from a linguist Historical relationships

The Babel Lecture 2022, Sjoerd Levelt and Ad Putter’s North Sea Crossings, and the First Contact boardgame