Babel No41 (November 2022)

Interview with the editors
Lesley Jeffries and Dan McIntyre on 10 years of Babel
Metaphors we learn by Kim Pager-McClymont and Evangelina Papathanasiou on using metaphors in Academic English teaching
Number Rania Adnan Aziz on what counting is really like
Rest in peace, Starman! Laura Hidalgo-Downing and Paula Perez-Sobrino look at creative metaphors on David Bowie’s London mural
Une langue pour toutes Aniya Sofia looks at whether a keyboard character has really put French in ‘mortal danger’
Writing and independence Tim Brookes on cases of scripts as resistance

Regular features
Animal language factfile
 Honeybee communication
A clash of symbols /d/
The complete and utter history of English 1066!
Diary of a linguist Katie Wales on the language around us
Giving voice a voice Oops! I’ve dropped my (h)aitch…
Kill the joke Do certain jokes work on paper?
Language games Picking the proper nouns
Language in the news Where is the language in ‘body language’?
Languages of the world Fala
Letters from a linguist Why baize is far from evergreen
Pull-out Our 40 first covers
Review Diana Deutsch’s Musical Illusions and Phantom Words
The word hoard The days of the week