Babel No42 cover

Babel No42 (February 2023)


Made-up languages and the limits of the human mind Michelle Sheehan on what we can learn through artificial language experiments
Shifting voices in Dungeons & Dragons Joseph Wilson and Adam Axbey look at the linguistic complexity of the popular role-playing game
How language creates suspense Christoph Schubertexamines suspenseful film dialogue
The World of Languages and Languages of the World John Claughton on his attempts to make language-learning stimulating for the young

Regular features

Language in the news  A linguistic secret code: The shibboleth
Diary of a linguist Katie Wales on the language all around us
Meet the professionals Italmente founder Francesco De Chirico
Letters from a linguist Where did you guys come from
Screentest Sorry to Bother You
Giving voice a voice How relevant is the Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary?
The complete and utter history of English Part 4: Down with English!
Kill the joke Alice Haines looks at non-sensical jokes
The word hoard The names of the months
Languages of the world Old English and Sheng
Animal language factfile Bottlenose dolphins
Language games Korean character construction
A clash of symbols Schwa de vivre
Reviews Anna Marie Trester’s Employing Linguistics and Rosemary Salmone’s The Rise of English