Babel No43 (June 2023)


Citizen science for language Eloise Kadlecek on the importance of citizen scientists in new linguistic research
Fear not our robot overlords Peter Stockwell considers what the literary-linguistics of science fiction can tell us about ‘threats’ from AI and chatbots
The Bidayuh language Teresa Ong, Su-Hie Ting and Florence G. Kayad investigate Bidayuh identity and language maintenance
Military metaphors Claudia Bensi looks at whether we need to #ReframeCovid

Regular features

Language in the news Euphemism in the news
Diary of a linguist Katie Wales on the language all around us
The complete and utter history of English Part 5: Muddle English
Poster pull-out Making a magazine: behind the scenes at Babel Ltd
Screentest West Side Story (2021)
Letters from a linguist How Latin lives on in Welsh
Meet the professionals Sociolinguist Kamilia Rahmouni
Giving voice a voice It’s not just doors that creak…
Lives in language Fernao de Oliveira (1507-1581)
Kill the joke The humour of catchprases
Linguistic horizons Measuring identity in the pop music accent
Word hoard The language of The Hobbit
Languages of the world Ancient Egyptian
Language games Apparently anachronistic attestations – again!
A clash of symbols Palatal accommodation…?