Babel Number 46 (Spring 2024)

Babel No46 (Spring 2024)


Panamanian English Catherine Laliberte uncovers the linguistic legacy of the Panama Canal
What they said. Or did they?
Jim O’Driscoll on the importance of how we present others’ speech
‘Dulce et Decorum Est’
Lesley Jeffries looks at the language of Wilfred Owen’s war poem
From marijuana to grammar
Salvatore Attardo on semantic bleaching in internet memes

Regular features

Language in the news Artificial intelligence in the news
The complete and utter history of English Part 8: English goes international
Letters from a linguist Our pet names for dicky birds
Diary of a linguist Katie Wales on the language all around us
Linguistic horizons Language change and sociolinguistics
Kill the joke Can old jokes still be funny?
Language games Autograph analysis
Giving voice a voice Fascinating rhythm 3: Child in time
Languages of the world Rusyn
Screentest Brooklyn
A clash of symbols [iːzi] does [ɪ]t!
Word hoard Chocolate