Babel No25 (November 2018)


Language and Nationalism – Kiana Rezakhanlou looks at the relationship between language and the idea of nationhood
From Cookie to Boss – Claudia Bensi explores how Dutch influenced US language and society
Linguistic X-men – Hannah Little on mutants and language
Evolving Linguistic Pluralism – Frederick Hale examines the multilingual fabric of American society
What Do We Hate When We Say We Hate Vocal Fry? – Carrie Gillon investigates the real problem with women’s voices
Word on the Street – Lydia McDonnell explores dialect among Manchester’s homeless community

Regular features
Ask a Linguist – Why do people respond ‘I do’ to ‘Have you got the time?’?
Diary of a Linguist – Katie Wales’ latest linguistic observations
Language Games – Can you solve an Anatolian enigma?
Language in the News – The first ever International Day of Sign Languages
Languages of the World – Ana Tominc on Slovene
Meet the Professionals – Babel meets Wikitongues Community Leader Kristen Tcherneshoff
Reviews – Paul Noble’s ‘Unlocking French’; James McGilvray’s ‘The Cambridge Companion to Chomsky’; Kory Stamper’s ‘Word by Word’